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TIME TO UNWIND - Chamomile Makeup Remover

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We have blended the ultimate potion for heavy duty and regular cosmetic users alike. Using chamomile, vitamin e and olive husk oil - to wipe away the day and unwind. 

Effortlessly remove makeup and residue with our “time to unwind” chamomile makeup remover. 
Apply desired amount to a reusable or microfibre cloth, apply to face and gently stipple and massage to encourage breakdown and removal of product. Double cleanse if required. Cleanse as usual with a cream or foam cleanser. 

200ml / 6.663 fl oz

vegan friendly 

ingredients - aqua, mineral oil, olea Europea husk oil, caprylil triglyceride, Sorbitan 40, tetraoleate, lauryl lactate (aloha hydroxy acid), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e), chamomile flower oil, propylparaben. 



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