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bee safe

PLANCHETTE - Bee Safe Keychain

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The bee safe utility keychain features a wrist strap with a whistle, a mini hand sanitiser bottle with pouch, a window breaker / zip tie cutter, super cute keychain charm and optional key shaped letter opener. All orders come with a 100ml hand sanitiser gel refill. 

Assembled by 9 year old Nenabee in Australia with a lot of love and care. 
Please note these are not a toy. They look cute but feature some sharp or hazardous items if misused. Always bee kind to one another. 

Whistle - steel construction traditional whistle with iron powder coating finish. 

Hand sanitiser with pouch and wrist strap - neoprene construction, machine washable. Alcohol based hand sanitiser. Not for use on broken or damaged skin. Do not ingest or use near the eye area. Intended for use on the hands only.

Window breaker / zip tie cutter - remove the safety guard to expose the blade (located inside the u-shape of the device. This special design is a lowered hazard innovation - for cutting thin items - eg - seatbelts, zip ties, tape etc. The end of the device features a retractable stopper - when pressure is applied - the stopper pushes back to expose a steel spike. Be careful! 

Key shaped letter opener (can be removed) - disguised as a regular house key - this letter opener has 2 hinges so it cannot be flicked or fall open. It must be intentionally opened with 2 hands. There is no sharp edge on this device, it does, however have a point which is perfect for opening letters - just an added courtesy - you won’t get this through an airport so best to leave it at home for that occasion. 

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