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Mermaid Salon


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When there's no more room in hell, the gates will open and bring the rave topside.

Get yer neon demon on with this darkly adorable necklace!  Glitter heart charms hang from a light, acrylic chain, framing a heart-shaped pendant at the centre.  Here you'll see an adorable goat demon surrounded by neon candy ombre with occult patterns on the reverse.

Wear as a statement necklace and add some demonic candy to yer wardrobe!

Designed in Australia, Drop Dead Gorgeous features a selection of the most darkly beautiful artwork across ethically sourced clothing, jewellery and homewares.  The Screamin' Demon range is a collab with Mermaid Salon, featuring a wicked selection of demonic accessories and cosmetics with a bright, candy flair!


  • Heart Pendant: 6cm x 5xm
  • Heart Charms: 1cm x 1cm
  • Chain: 62cm long


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