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Mermaid Salon

THE NUN- Press-On Nail Kit

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These dramatic nails apply in a snap and can be switched out much more easily than expensive acrylic nails. Each kit contains everything you need to prep and apply right away, so you can achieve salon-quality looks even if you've never touched a bottle of nail polish in your life!

The Nun kit contains long stiletto-shaped nails featuring black and white blood splatters and The Nun.

Each pack contains:

  • 24 x nails
  • 1 x tube of nail glue.
  • 1 x mini nail file.
  • 1 x priming wipe set.
  • 1 x set nail adhesive tabs.
  • 1 x cuticle greenstick. 

How to apply press-on nails:

Step 1: Gently file your nails to remove any excess oil on the top layer of your nail. Use the greenstick to prepare your cuticles and remove any product or dist from the nail track. 

Step 2: Use nail wipes or nail polish remover to remove excess product or dirt before drying them thoroughly.

Step 3: Apply a small dot of glue to the false nail and immediately press it onto your natural nail. Hold in place until the glue is dry and the nail has adhered. Nails can be trimmed or filed if you wish or to create a closer fit.

Nail adhesion pads can be used for a light hold or temporary look. Keep them in your in case you need to reapply in a hurry!

Press on nail removal:

Soak fingertips in a ceramic or glass bowl filled with acetone to break down the glue until you can pull the nails off without effort. Non-acetone remover can also be used but the process may take a little longer.



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